The Gary Stock Company (GSC) has added a new automotive video and stock photography package to their product line of affordable website tools to make it easier for car dealerships to attract and convert more customers.

By the numbers, dealer website performance metrics continue to prove that video marketing delivers a higher ROI over other marketing types. Including an interactive experience with high-quality images and video builds consumer confidence and moves more inventory because potential customers have the ability to view vehicles from all interior and exterior angles.

This new automotive video marketing tool makes it easy for potential customers researching vehicles online to find what they’re looking for before they visit the dealership without any added work for the dealership internet manager.  In addition to providing the dealership the ability to add custom vehicle photos, this new feature feeds color-matched vehicle stock images and four video views to the vehicle detail page, and allows the consumer to easily build and compare vehicles on any device.

Video View Options

360 Exterior car video

This rotating view of the vehicle allows the customer to control the rotation through clicking and dragging, providing an exterior look at the vehicle from any angle.

360 Interior car interior video

Provides a virtual tour of the interior of the vehicle, completely controlled by the customer through clicking and dragging.


car dealer showroom video

Provides a complete view of the vehicle interior and exterior through a slow-running automated video.

Fly Around

Car Dealer Video

This video provides the customer a look at the vehicle through a 360 degree rotation around the exterior.

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