Red Flag: Your provider sends more than 20% of keyword clicks to your website homepage.

  • One of the most important elements in effective SEM/SEO is the website destination page of an ad. The Homepage is usually too general a destination.
  • The customer wants specific information related to the ad they clicked – each campaign should click through to a custom-built page on your website.

Red Flag: Your provider fails to ask what sold last month, your key upcoming marketing, or what you are pushing next month.

  • Good SEM ties closely into retail reality. You’re wasting money when you promote cars you don’t have, low-grossing models, or that contradict national promotions.


Red Flag: Your Provider doesn’t choose specific keyword phrases, so your money isn’t spent attracting real prospects.

  • Buying non-specific terms like “Midland SUV” gets clicks from huge numbers of web surfers who may have zero interest in your product. Are you trying to attract teens looking for wheel covers? If not, make your keyword phrases more specific.
  • Example:  “Midland Certified Land RoverEvoque.”


Red Flag: Your provider rarely updates your campaigns.

  • Good SEM/SEO campaigns require constant updating and yield analysis. They cannot operate on “Autopilot.” In a well-managed campaign, 10-20% of the terms change each month, and up to 200 keyword phrases may be part of a well-managed campaign.


Red Flag: Your provider never talks about location.

  • SEM/SEO campaigns can be precisely controlled to display only in specific locales – often down to a particular postal code.
  • In a well run campaign, a major part of the ongoing analysis looks at exactly where the leads came from, and therefore where the ads should appear.


Red Flag: Your provider gives you pre-cooked reports, but not actual Google Results and spending.

  • Anyone can produce impressive looking results if they cherry-pick the stats.
  • If you hire a marketing company to provide you with SEM services, don’t settle for cooked stats. Insist on having direct Google Analytics access to see how well you are really doing, and how much of your money is actually being spent on Ads.


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